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Creating a sustainable supply and value chain to support the sustainable lifestyle.
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About the Foundation

ECHOsi is a non-profit (NPO) Foundation that teaches sustainability issues for empowering marginalized groups, women’s groups and cultural communities. The acronym ECHOsi means Empowering Communities with Hope and Opportunities through Sustainable Initiatives.

ECHOsi is the partner of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle, a pioneering social enterprise/retail store focused on fair trade products made by small communities; as well as environmental friendly green products.

In September 2008, ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle was launched as a social enterprise with a pioneering green retail store selling natural and community-made fair trade products. As communities came to show their goods, the three founders called the ECHOtrio (Chit Juan, Jeannie Javelosa and Reena Francisco) were rejecting majority of the products due to lack of design and visual appeal. Soon, national NGO funding organizations working with poor communities were approaching the ECHOtrio to give critique sessions for product design and packaging. The ECHOtrio volunteered talent, expertise, and time to mentor and soon after launched ECHOdesign Lab as a program.

The ECHOtrio became spokespersons advocating for sustainability issues and women’s causes. They were invited to talks in companies, schools, universities, provincial communities, including radio and TV to speak about the green lifestyle in such diverse topics as organic coffee farming, social entrepreneurship, wellness, healthy living, planet stewardship, and branding. These topics connected to ECHOstore’s tri-prong philosophy of nurturing and sustaining the Self, Community and Planet. So the program ECHOteach was launched.

In the Philippines, there is no one group that advocates the whole value chain of Sustainability.  There may be patches of education, skills training and workshops available but not one group representing this. Communities and people’s organizations need to learn livelihood sustainability. ECHOsi offers culturally-sensitive, specialized enterprise development services linked to social enterprises and global market access.

Metrics 2013

To date, store-foundation has helped 100 organizations and foundations, close to 80,000 beneficiaries, managed the development of so many new products that are being market tested are now sold.

In 2013, under the GREAT Women program alone, the ECHOsi Foundation posted an impact reach of approximately 500 women, with around 900 additional beneficiaries through cascade workshops, impacting 28,500 women


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