Culture. Sustainability. Market Access.
Creating a sustainable supply and value chain to support the sustainable lifestyle.
Empowering Communities with Hope and Opportunities through Sustainable Initiatives

ECHOsi is a non-profit (NPO) Foundation that teaches sustainability issues for empowering marginalized groups, women’s groups and cultural communities. The acronym ECHOsi means Empowering Communities with Hope and Opportunities through Sustainable Initiatives.


All ECHOsi Programs are guided by the three principles on which ECHOstore stands for: Nurturing and sustaining the Self, the Community and the Planet. All programs are guided by ethical and ecological values critical to the environment, and supportive of gender-sensitive issues. These are run through short-term mentoring and critique workshops, lectures, sustainable and organic tours, hands-on community experiences and international lecture exchanges presenting best global practices.

The GREAT Women Program is a convergence of national and local government agencies, women’s groups and private sector groups resulting in improving local business policy, projects and services for women businesses. GREAT Women also known as Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women is an integrated platform to address gender issues in both micro and social enterprise development and deliver a truly inclusive economic development. Read more...

Developmental Direction

ECHOsi's Key Areas of Development:

Economic & Social Enterprise Development
Women Economic Empowerment
Design & Innovation Rooted in Culture
Cultural Preservation
ECHOsi is the enabler of alliances for collaboration and partnerships integrated in a supply and value chain that supports social enterprises.
ECHOstore, as a social enterprise started by three women, believes in women helping other women. Since it opened in 2008, ECHOstore products
ECHOsi’s product development and packaging directions are design and innovation driven. Interventions look at new expressions, forms
ECHOsi aims at revitalizing traditions, the use and development of natural materials endemic to the areas, and innate livelihood skills while
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Metrics 2013

To date, store-foundation has helped 100 organizations and foundations, close to 80,000 beneficiaries, managed the development of so many new products that are being market tested are now sold.

In 2013, under the GREAT Women program alone, the ECHOsi Foundation posted an impact reach of approximately 500 women, with around 900 additional beneficiaries through cascade workshops, impacting 28,500 women


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Developmental Direction
Social and Cultural Enterprise Development
Women's Economic Empowerment
Culture, Design and Aesthetics for Development
ECHOdesign Lab (EdL)

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